Welcome to The Daily Painting

I have been wanting to start a painting website to feature my daily attempts at creating my “masterpieces.”  The only problem with that idea is that I do not get to paint every day, at least not yet.  So, until I can actually start painting every day, what you will see here is The Whenever I Get To It Painting.

Sometimes what you’re going to see is a work in progress painting.  So, you may see the first bit of a painting one day, then some more of that same painting a day or so later and so on until the final painting is finished.  Is a painting ever really finished?  As the great Leonardo da Vinci is said to have uttered, “a painting is never finished, only abandoned.”  And he should know.  He worked on the Mona Lisa for over sixteen years and the only reason he stopped is because he died.  I’d be willing to bet he would have worked on it another sixteen years if he had lived that long.

Also, you may see a drawing or two, instead of a painting.  Some days it is much easier to pick up the pencil than the brush.

So, without further ado, here is the first entry into The Daily Painting.  This is an 8×10 oil painting and it is a work in progress.  I am planning on doing a series of these paintings called Into The Light and this is the first one.  I don’t like the looks of that tree trunk at the bottom.  I am going to make adjustments there and also begin to work on the leaves of the tree a little more.  So, let’s see where this one takes us.


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