A Bowl of Apples 01

Sat down and decided to get at least one daily painting done this evening.  I went through my “junk” (as my girlfriend calls it) and selected this nice bowl and stuck a few apples in it and I was off.  A couple of hours later this is what was done.

As with most paintings and painters, as I was about halfway through this painting, I was quite disappointed with the way things were going.  I didn’t like the look of the apples, the shadow under the bowl wasn’t quite right and it just wasn’t coming together for me.  But, this was an excellent exercise in patience because I kept plugging away at it.

When I abandoned the painting, as Leonardo would say, I went and got a drink and came back to sign it and then take pictures and I started looking at it a little closer.  The shadow still needs a little work and I’m sure that will come with time, but I looked at the apples and was actually quite satisfied with how well they came out.  The highlights aren’t anything to brag about, but the colors and shadows on the apples look pretty good if I do say so myself.

I’m thinking the highlights didn’t come out as I would have liked because those would have needed a little more detail to make them look right, but this painting was done of cotton duck canvas, so it has a bit of texture.  I have some linen canvas panels in the studio and I think I will give them a try on the next painting.  They have a much finer surface and I think the detail work will show a lot better.

Ah, the things we learn as we ply our trade.  😉

Anyway, this is an 8×10 canvas panel, done in acrylic.


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