Rose in Vase 01

You know, there are some days when it just doesn’t pay to slog all the way through a painting.  This one just never did seem to be headed in the direction that had in my mind and I’m not sure why I couldn’t get it to turn that way.

I did this painting in response to a challenge on, where the challenge was to use a limited palette that was based on one of three ideas, the primary colors, the complementary colors or the Munsell colors.  I just went with the primary colors of Naphthol  Crimson, Cadmium Yellow and Cobalt Blue, with Titanium White thrown in.

With that palette I figured I could get any color I needed for this painting, and for the most part I was successful.  But, the background went through about three or four iterations and the table top kept creeping up after each change to the background.

The cobalt blue vase and the tube of cobalt paint where never that close in matching, no matter what I mixed with it.  The vase never did take shape like I wanted.  I’ll have to be trying this one again, maybe with the vase all by itself.  I found this vase at Goodwill for less than a dollar and it would be a shame to waste it because it really is quite nice looking.

The rose is about the only part of the painting that I actually happy with.  I tried to keep it loose, but still have some semblance of detail.  Saw it growing in the garden yesterday and knew I had to paint it.

Anyway, this is an acrylic on 8×10 linen panel.  Another one to put in the closet and probably never see the light of day again.


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