Marine study 01

Did this one this evening when I had a few minutes to play around.  Decided to put the acrylics away for a while, but still wanted to try something new.  This is an attempt at a palette knife painting and it is based on a video demo done by Leslie Saeta.  Obviously hers came out a little better than mine, but I see lot about mine that I like.  I think I got the proportions of the boat done right.  The reflection needs a little work.

I can see that I have the same tendency with the knives that I have with the brushes and that is to overwork the strokes sometimes.  I need to learn to put the paint on and leave it alone.

Speaking of Leslie Saeta, I am going on a road trip this weekend for my first ever, traveling workshop.  I am going to Pasadena and taking a palette knife workshop from Leslie and we’ll see if I can get my strokes under control.  No more overworking!

Oil on 5×7 canvas panel.


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