Not new work, but …

I have always heard and believed that a piece of art will always look better when framed.  So I decided to put it to the test.  I took a piece that I did at last months palette knife workshop and put it into a nice frame.  I don’t know about you but I think the frame makes this painting look fabulous.   Looks like it should be hanging in the Louvre now.
I also decided to do a little work on my signature.  I decided that the old blocky way of signing, which looked decent on my drawings, didn’t really seem to fit on a painting.  So I decided to change to a more artistic looking signature.  It is really silly how you can sit at a desk for half an hour and practice signing a signature that you’ve used your whole life, just to get it right.  But, I think the new one works.

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2 Responses to Not new work, but …

  1. Hi, just wanted to drop by and say how nice your boat paintings are. Love the one in this post. Beautiful composition.


  2. Barbara Pask says:

    A wonderful painting and you are right the frame finishes it off fantastically. I always say “a frame is jewelry for our art”. Please drop by my blog again. Happy painting!


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