Going bananas!

Well, it didn’t take a month to get to my next painting.  I decided to sit down and do something before heading out today and doing some work and thought I’d do another quick and easy still life.  Only difference is that I decided to give it a go in acrylics again.  I think I’m starting to get the hang of using these paints and will need to keep working with them. 

I thought I would also show a little bit of the process of putting this painting together.  First thing I did was take a toned linen canvas that I had and sketched in the bananas.  I forgot to take a picture of that step.  The next step, seen below, is the under-painting I decided on.  I decided to go with a complimentary under-painting.  Complimentary means that if your were to look at a color wheel, complimentary colors are exactly opposite of each other on the wheel.  In this case, the bananas where going to be predominantly yellow and directly across the wheel from the yellow is purple.

After putting in the undercoat and letting it dry for about ten minutes, I started putting in the initial coats f the yellow, and the red for the table top. At this point, we are still in the very rough stages of the painting, with quite a bit of the under-painting showing through.  Each layer had to be left to dry or the next layer could wreak havoc with it.  The acrylics have a habit of pulling off the canvas if they aren’t completely dry before the next layer is applied.

Each subsequent layer covered a little more of the under-painting until it was covered over completely.  Some would ask why bother with the under-painting to begin with?  Though the aim is to cover the canvas completely with the final coats of paint, there will still be places where the undercoat shows through and provides some accent to the finished painting.  This is quite evident in the table top and the wall.

When doing a landscape it is quite popular to do the under-painting in yellow ochre or burnt sienna, because as these show through the finished painting they add a bit of warmth to the top layers.

Well, that ends todays’ lesson in painting.  Who knows if I know what I’m talking about, but hey, it works for me.  😉

And finally, what masterpiece would be complete without a frame?

This is a 5×7 inch acrylic on linen panel, using Liquitex Heavy Body paints.


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