Marine study 08 – Fiery Sunset

I can never get too far away from the boats and the water when it comes to painting.  I sat around for about an hour this evening, trying to figure out what I wanted to paint this time around and had all kinds of ideas, but nothing that jumped out at me.  I checked out the challenges at Daily Paintworks to see if there was something there to inspire me, but it didn’t work.  Lots of great challenges and ideas, just nothing I felt like painting.

I started clicking through my reference photos and saw a few that looked good to me, but then found one that grabbed me and I knew that this was the one.  I liked the complimentary color scheme of this one and wanted to see how it would translate to the canvas, err, I mean to the board.  By complimentary I mean that if you were to look at a color wheel and see colors directly across the wheel from each other, those are complimentary.  In this case, the two predominant colors were blue and orange.

I pulled out a couple of palette knives, squeezed out some paint and went to it.  And this is the result.  I will call this one Fiery Sunset.

8×10 inch oil painting on gesso board.

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