Work in progress …

I just thought I would check in and show what I’ve been up to, which hasn’t been much in the way of art.  I am sad to say that work has put my art on the back burner somewhat, especially since we are getting ready to leave on vacation early next week and I need to put some hours in to get a little ahead in the reports that I do for a living.  I will be taking some painting supplies with me on vacation, mostly my plein air setup and I do intend to put it to use during that time.
Anyway, I started this little masterpiece last night and I would say that it is about half way finished at this point.  In the first photo you can see the “drawing” I started with on the canvas, and it you look real hard you can see that I did that drawing three different times.  The first two times I ended up wiping it off because there was something I just didn’t like when I looked at it.  If I remember correctly, the first time the peppers were a little too close to the top of the canvas and the second time they were too close to the right had edge.
The third time the universe aligned just perfectly and the peppers magically appeared on the canvas right where they should have been.  Or so I thought.  If you compare the first image with the second image you can see that the green pepper has grown over what the drawing showed.  That’s because I got into the painting and then realized that I didn’t see enough of the green pepper.  I needed to make it slightly longer to the left.Well, at least it’s not right smack in the middle of the canvas anymore, which can be thought of as a mistake by the “art connoisseur.”  But, who cares what they think?

I have about an hour to an hour and a half invested in this one so far and feel it will take at least another 90 minutes to finish it.  Should have time tomorrow to finish it up.

This is an 8×10 oil on linen panel.  This painting is actually on a “wiper,” which is a term put out by Carol Marine, meaning that I did a painting on it earlier, didn’t like it at all when I finished, so I took one of my palette knives and scraped the paint off and took a few paper towels with paint thinner on them and wiped the canvas down.   This one is coming out quite a bit nicer than the other one which was an ordinary old flower box under a window, just chock full of colorful flowers.  My sweetie hates me now for wiping that one off.

Oh well.  I’ll have to attempt that one again sometime.  Maybe after vacation.

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