Still out of pocket

As I alluded to a few days ago, my sweetie and I are on vacation and are in Broomfield, CO at the moment.  In a few hours my son is going to be getting married and so my afternoon is pretty much filled up.  Should be fun for one and all.  Tomorrow we leave for Oklahoma with a one night stay in either Salina or Wichita, KS, before going on to my parents place in Checotah, OK.  That will probably be the first chance I have to pull out the plein air setup and get some painting done.

On our way to Colorado we stayed a couple of days in Santa Fe.  I had heard that Santa Fe was the second largest art market in the U.S. behind New York and having spent two days wandering the streets of this dusty little city I can see that New York has reason to worry.  We spent one day perusing the shops around the Plaza and the next day we were able to take in about a fourth of the galleries on Canyon road.  We saw some really good art and I can see we need to find time to revisit Santa Fe and take in the rest of the shops we didn’t have time for.

I didn’t have time to finish the pepper painting before leaving, so I will have that to contend with when I return.  We did visit a Goodwill store in Santa Fe and I was able to score four really nice pieces that will look good in still lifes.

Well, off to the fitness center here at the Hyatt and then getting ready for the afternoon festivities.  Take care all, especially David and Carol Marine.  Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.


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