Ain’t I cute?

Decided to pull out the acrylics again this evening and give them a try.  I’m thinking that acrylics just don’t work for me on stretched canvas.  It seemed like a lot more work that it should have been to get the paint to move over the canvas.  I think I’ll stick to using Gessobord for acrylics.

With the coming of the fall season I wanted to paint something that showed the colors that some of us will be lucky to see in the next couple of weeks.  I started off with a black canvas for this one and using bright red, cadmium yellow medium and some burnt sienna, I punched the canvas all over to give it that impressionistic fall foliage look.

At this point I had an idea of what I was going for, but needed to sit back for a few minutes and clear the haze in my mind concerning the outcome I was looking for.  I started by seeing a branch cutting across the scene.  A bird has to have some place to sit, don’t they?

Once the branch was in I could get out the chalk and get the bird placed correctly.  One thing I’ve noticed in some of my paintings is the tendency to make the central objects too big and have them take up too much of the canvas, thus getting too close to the edges.  My pepper painting is a prime example of this.  Not sure if I’m going to finish that one or just start it over.

Anyway, I was quite satisfied with the placement of the bird and decided it was time to take a break.  I knew if I had started right then I wouldn’t get up out of my chair until I was finished.  So after a break I came back and started off by blocking in my main color shapes.  For some reason, I’m not sure why, but I seem to have trouble remembering to pick up the camera every few minutes and snapping a shot or two of the progress.  Thus, no new pictures of the painting in progress.

After getting the main color shapes blocked in I started using smaller and smaller brushes to work more and more detail into the bird.  This is where I think using canvas for acrylics doesn’t work for me.  Too much texture from the canvas to work the detail to the level I wanted.  I’m sure either Gessobord or even a good linen canvas would have avoided this problem.

After a couple of hours it was finished and ready for framing.  I actually do like this one.  I just would have liked to see it on a smoother surface.  Which gives me the idea to just think of this one as a study for a much larger work.  I’ll  have to think about that one for awhile.

Acrylic on 8×10 inch stretched canvas.

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1 Response to Ain’t I cute?

  1. Nice blog post. I have never used acrylics … one day I'll give them a try. I appreciate your progress shots of this painting. Your bird as well as your composition is great.


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