Sittin’ in the mud

Had a couple hours of free time this afternoon and decided to see what kind of trouble I could get into with my palette knives.  So, I did a little surfing of a few photo websites and found some photos of boats and lighthouses.  I bought them for the low price of $1.40 per photo, which came with a royalty free license to use them as I wish.  This is one of the ones I bought because it just grabbed me.

Here are the palette knives I pulled out of the jar.  These are my 3007, 3011, 3025 and my Blick 20.  Then I proceeded to paint the entire painting with the 3025, never touching any of the others.  Sometimes I wonder about myself.

First thing to do was get the idea sketched out on the panel.  This was free handed.  Notice the roll of high quality artist tissue behind the panel.  When you paint with palette knives that is all you need to clean things up.  And Wally World sells them for just a few dollars for a package of twenty-four.  You can’t beat that with a stick.


First thing to do was block in the blue parts of the boat and get some of the ridge lines put in .  I also started putting in the mud underneath the boat.  Had to do a little reshaping to the toe of the boat, but not much.  I did come to the realization that I will need to stop using the styrofoam plates I’ve been using for palettes when I’m painting with the knives.  The knives just don’t work very well into the rounded corners of the plates.  The brushes work fine, but the knives don’t.

I finished doing the rough work of getting the mud and water put in.  Had some rocks on the right side of the boat, but I just didn’t like the looks of them, so I scraped them off and just went with some smooth mud.  Put in the base color for the water and then took a few steps back to see where I stood.  It was about four feet away from the easel.

I was coming up on the two hour time limit I had set for myself, so it was time to do some of the detail work.  I added some turbulence to the water and brought some of the water up on the shore.  I added a little darker shadow under the boat and also under the lip of the boat.  Then I did some softening and added the red stripes and ropes and that was pretty much it.

I kinda like it.  It came out pretty much how I envisioned it.  Now to put it away in the drying racks for a couple of weeks and then sign it.  Should look nice in a frame.

9×12 inch oil on gessod art panel.


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