Cherry 04

What do you know, another cherry painting.  Decided to add a few more cherries this time, instead of the usual one or two.  Again, wanted to experiment with the lost edges of the cherries disappearing into the dark and again, I think I came out great.

One thing I’ve noticed is the poor quality of the photos from my camera.  I am using a 12mp camera, but it just doesn’t seem to be able to give me a good representation of the painting.  It came out way too light, so I darkened it in the software.  But, the highlights are coming out way too bright.  I am going to have to experiment a little and maybe try a different camera so I can get a little more life-like photos.

8×10″ oil on line panel.


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2 Responses to Cherry 04

  1. I'm really enjoying your cherry paintings. You are doing a great job with the lost edges. Great job on this one.


  2. Barbara Pask says:

    Very nice painting, looks wonderful framed too.


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