Italian Drapery

Italian Drapery
©2012 D Casey
12×12″ – Oil on gessobord panel
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Another painting done in the Pasadena workshop. This one was the piece done during Dreama’s second day. She had just returned from a vacation in Italy and had taken hundreds of pictures and this is one of the ones she picked for the class. 

Apparently the Italians don’t have air conditioning in some of the older homes, so their idea is to open the doors during the daytime and let the breeze blow through the house. To maintain some sort of privacy and cut down on the bugs coming through, they hang curtains in the doorways. I guess this would be the equivalent of our putting up a screen


I just loved the streak of light coming down from the top left, across the front of the house and hitting the step and flower pot on the right.  I tried to capture the warmth that would be felt there.  

One thing I came to realize is that Dreama doesn’t waste a whole lot of time putting in a lot of tiny flowers.  She is much more content to slash some color in where the flowers reside and let the viewer put “flowers” in the picture.  That was an eye opener when I went to the front of the studio and looked closely at her painting.  If you look closely at my painting you will see remnants of the tiny flowers I was putting in and then the larger, bolder strokes done later.

This is a 12×12 inch oil on gessobord. 


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