Peaceful Sunset

Here is the painting from the first day of Leslie’s portion of the workshop, which was day three of the workshop. Leslie is known to paint a boat or two and so it was no surprise that we would get to paint a couple ourselves.

One thing I noticed is that a lot of the students tried to paint their scenes exactly like Leslie, with the same colors and composition. I think I was the only one to go a different route and do something that would be unique.

First, the original scene had two full boats in it. But, Leslie painted hers on a 12×12″ panel and I decided to go with a 9×12″ panel. So, I could have shrank the boats down to fit both of them on the canvas or I could do what I did and that was paint one and a half boats.

Also, the scene was more of a mid-day scene with a grayish blue sky. I decided for something a little more dramatic and went with an orange sunset sky.

I did get a lot of compliments on my painting and during the group photo, my painting did stand out because of its different look and feel.

This is something I learned a while ago about taking workshops. Most teachers want you to try to paint using their techniques, but as for what ends up on the canvas, they want you to paint your own vision. 

9×12 inch oil on canvas panel.


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One Response to Peaceful Sunset

  1. I really like what you did here. Great perspective and composition. I'm also impressed that you strayed from what the others did. Great decision, Bravo !


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