100 Stroke Challenge

AMO (Artist Mentors Online) runs a monthly challenge with some sort of theme and this month (December) it was to complete a painting in 100 strokes or less.  So obviously, the idea is to pick something fairly simple, that you will be satisfied with and can complete in 100 strokes or less.  I choose a simple martini glass on a black background.  One hundred strokes may sound like a lot, but I can assure it isn’t, even when it’s something simple.  It took over sixty brushstrokes just for the glass and swizzle stick.

Little did I know that all those straight lines would reveal my shaky hands.  I think I’ll do another challenge painting, but pick something that won’t require lots of straight lines.  Maybe an apple, or a cherry.

Oh, and I did this one with 92 strokes.  Couldn’t see any place to use the other eight so I called it done.

7×5″ oil on linen panel

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1 Response to 100 Stroke Challenge

  1. Neat painting and you are telling us the shaky hands were not from drinking the martini?!
    Love the cherry.
    Peggy Kroll Roberts has the same method but allows far fewer strokes. I think ours was 30.
    Fun though- right?


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