Day 7 of the 30 Day Challenge – Snow Hill

Whoda thunk it?  Seven straight days of painting and haven‘t missed a one of them.  One week down and just over three to go.  I should be able to make it.

We didn’t get our white Christmas here in the desert, so I decided to create a little snow of my own. I kept having to turn the heat up in the house when I painted this. Made me want to put on a jacket. Looks just like the kind of place that my dad used to say, “snow is just fine, as long as it stays up there in the mountains.” 

7×5″ oil on linen panel.


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3 Responses to Day 7 of the 30 Day Challenge – Snow Hill

  1. I saw that you were first in line on today's 30 in 30. Very impressive! Great little painting, Dave! I like the idea of a snowy desert!


  2. Fay Terry says:

    I think this challenge is bringing out the best in everyone. Nice snowy scene, Dave!


  3. What … you are in speed painting contest *giggle ?
    I'm lucky that I even got a painting posted today …
    I like all the texture in this one.


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