Day 10 of the 30 Day Challenge – The Hunter

Got into the type of work that I will focus on during the last fifteen days of this challenge. I want to see how much improvement I can discern at the 30 day mark and this painting is a good marker of where I am now. I like doing seashores, lakes, marshes and swamps and usually have some sort of birds included. 

Why the birds? Well, being an artist is not my only hobby. I am also an avid birder and love to spend some free time tromping through the cattails and swamp grass, looking for that elusive bird that I heard from others was in the area. If you’d like to check out that side of me then visit my birding blog with the link located on the right.

I love to try to capture birds and other wildlife in their natural habitat on canvas. Landscapes and waterscapes is where my heart is when it comes to creating art. I love the works of artists like Matt Smith, Scott Christensen and Frank Serrano. Oh, and Jennifer McChristian isn’t too shabby either.  Though I am not much of a plein air painter right now, that time is coming.  I even have the easel for it. 🙂

5×7″ oil on linen panel.

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2 Responses to Day 10 of the 30 Day Challenge – The Hunter

  1. Love marshes and this is really pretty! Love reading about your thoughts on birds too.


  2. Great job, Dave! I love your grey skies. You definitely should give plein air a try! You'll love it.


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