Day 16 of the 30 Day Challenge – Meadow Lake

 Well, here we are. Beginning the second half of the challenge and no one is more surprised at my complete participation in this than I am. I can see some improvement in my work and look for bigger and better things to come.

As I alluded to few days ago, I have been spending this first fifteen days just experimenting and having fun with different ideas and methods. But now, the actual work begins. I intend to pick one theme and work that for the last fifteen days of the challenge and see what that does for my painting skills. I am going to spend this next two weeks working on landscapes, mostly meadows, lakes and marshes. I am going to be trying to give them that atmospheric look that is seen in the paintings of the Hudson River school and to some extent in the California Impressionism style of painting.

So today’s painting can be a marker for where I am right now and we’ll see how painting #30 stacks up against it. I am expecting to see a lot of improvement.

5×7″ oil on linen panel.

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2 Responses to Day 16 of the 30 Day Challenge – Meadow Lake

  1. Dave, there is a sense of accomplishment that we are heading down the other side of this mountain! You've got a great little painting here, and you should be proud!


  2. Fay Terry says:

    Hi Dave, what a great looking sky in this painting. Keep going, we are soon going to have our thirty paintings!


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