Day 28 of the 30 Day Challenge – Egret Island

Here we are with just a couple of paintings to go and I find myself what to do for a grand finale. I’m thinking of going big, something in the 16×20 or 18×24 range. Haven’t decided yet.

With this painting I tried something a little different. Mainly in the canvas. This is a New Traditions linen panel with the most texture of any of their linen panels. Mounted on Gatorboard, this is a very lightweight panel, but it is razor straight and flat. Not sure I cared for all that texture though. I have five other New Traditions panels, all with a smoother surface. I ordered one of their sample packs after hearing Daniel Keys rave about them during a workshop I took last year. So the jury is still out. I’ll have a better idea when I use some of the other panels they sent me.

I had to go to Dick Blick and then to Michael’s today to find some brushes because I only have two liners and they are bigger than what I needed. I didn’t realize it would be so hard to find liners, but Blick had a couple Robert Simmons that might work, but still aren’t as small as I wanted. I found a couple Loew Cornells at Michael’s and those are what I used to put some finishing touches on this painting. I still would like to find some smaller liners. I guess I’ll just have to order online and hope for the best.

8×10″ oil on New Traditions linen panel (350DP).

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