The Day After

Just a quick post to put up this collage of the 30 paintings I did during the month of January. It was a real challenge, but I’m happy to say that I did it and look forward to some more challenges. Leslie’s devious little mind is cooking something up for us right now and I can feel the tension building amongst the participants. May God have mercy on us all.

And here is a quick thought. I will sell any one of these paintings to whoever wants one for five dollars plus five dollars shipping. So, for ten samolians you can have a D Casey masterpiece. Unless you live in Timbuktu, then I’ll have to charge $50 shipping. Okay! I’m kidding. Eight dollars for shipping to a foreign address. Just click here to send me a note first to make sure that the painting you want is still available. I will try to keep the photos below up to date, but it is best to email me first.  Besides, you’ll need my Paypal address.  At this price for these masterpieces I can see them selling out in about an hour. Okay, maybe a day. A week tops.

Disclaimer: First, some of them are still a tad wet and will need a few more days to dry, but don’t let that stop you from calling dibs on the one you want. And secondly, some of the photos didn’t come out as nicely as I would have liked. What can I say? I’m a painter, not a photographer. And lastly, and this shouldn’t even need to be mentioned, these works of art come UNFRAMED.

So let Black February begin! 

Field of Cows
Cherries 05

Colorful Sunset
Reflections on Green
Isle of Man coast
Snow Hill
Grapes ‘n Cherries
Breezy Cove
Pair of Pears
The Hunter
Coffee with Lily
A Fine Vintage
Thrift Store Treasures
Pig Mug Shot
Meadow Lake
Sun Spots
Virtual Paintout 02
Searching for Take Out
Sedona Red – ACEO
Backlit Trees
Springtime on the Sevier
Red Rock Tree
Acacia Ocean
In For The Night
Wee Little Verdin
Morning on the Marsh
Egret Island
Flight of the Egret
Meadow Pond

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1 Response to The Day After

  1. Congratulations on completing the 30 in 30, Dave! Your paintings look great all together. I enjoy your posts… you have such a great sense of humor!


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