Commission or no?

So what have I been doing lately? Doing a sort of commission painting. Is it really a commission if it’s because your girlfriend asked for it and it is to replace a LARGE painting hanging over the front door? I think the large painting over the door is my masterpiece. She doesn’t see it that way. She has no taste.

Actually, if I were to tell the truth, this painting, the one over the front door was an experiment. It is the largest painting I’ve ever done, at three feet by four feet, and it was done as an experiment. It was done with palette knife and it was done in about six hours. I found this old canvas WITH frame at Goodwill, that had a cheap print adhered right to the canvas. The print itself looked like it was painted on vinyl. So I gessoed over the print, squeezed out a ton of paint and went to work. I did the whole thing while she had gone home to the Philippines for the funeral of her father, knowing she would squeal about me painting in the living room. It’s the only place in the house big enough to paint something that large.

When she came home she was mildly impressed with it, even if it was sitting on an easel in the living room. She even helped me hang it over the front door.

Now, here’s the complete truth. I know it’s not my masterpiece. There is plenty that I would want to change about it and I would never consider selling it because I wouldn’t want this hanging on someone’s wall with my signature on it. It was painted as an experiment in painting something that large and to give me a reason to painting something else to replace it. 

So, for the past couple of days I’ve been working on my studies for what I intend to replace this painting.  I am preparing to do a triptych that will be about six feet wide and three feet high.  And this study below is a beginning to get an idea of what I am looking for.

I will probably go with a bit less color in the background and a lot fewer black marks on the trees.  As I’ve reviewed some of my reference photos I’ve noticed that most aspen trees don’t have this much scarring.

16×20″ mixed media (oil over acrylic) on canvas panel.


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  1. It sounds like an ambitious project. Good luck, Dave!


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