The new series – Part II

The other day Leslie Saeta, who is doing a marketing challenge for artists, told her “students” to post some pictures of a painting in progress. Now, I’ve done this before, but it has been awhile, so I thought I would do another one.

Here is the set up.  Paints?  Check.  Solvent to breathe during painting session?  Check.  Brushes?  Check.  Background for still life?  Check.  Still life object?  Check.

Alrightee then.  Time to get at it.  Since I was doing this one right next to a window, with no other lighting to work with, I had to get started.  It was 6:00pm when my first stroke went down and I knew I had an hour at best to get this one finished.

First things first, get the major portion of the background and still life surface in.  Then I wiped away the spot where the apple was going to be placed.  Gotta learn to watch the amount of thinner on the napkin when wiping like this.  It can get out of control real fast.

Then I slapped some paint into the apple spot, trying to get some of the shaded portions worked out in the process.  I think one of the problems I have is I tend to slather on the way too much paint in this step and end up having to scrape some away later.  For some reason, when trying to work in the final layers of paint, they don’t seem to want to stick when there is a ton of paint already there.  Or the paint already in place asserts its presence and comes right on through.  Nothing a couple of swipes with a palette knife can’t handle.

Then I had to stop worrying about taking photos so I could beat the darkness.  The photo above is a really bad cell phone photo of the finished painting.  I like to take photos of finished paintings outside in the sunlight, but that wasn’t possible this evening.   So I’ll try to get it done tomorrow and replace that photo.

One Green Apple
©2013 D Casey
6×6″ – Oil on gessobord

Obviously, trying to beat the light just doesn’t work sometimes.  I’ve been wanting to get a shadow box to use for still lifes, but haven’t gotten around to it.  That changed late last week.  I found a real treasure at the thrift store the other day and I am going to have exactly what I wanted.  But, you’ll have to wait until I get the studio cleaned up and rearranged a little before I let you in on the find.  It’s going to be AWESOME and you will be so jealous.

Anyway, enough of this silliness.

6×6″ oil on gessobord.


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