Sketchbook Follies

Was going through a couple of art drawers and trying to get things straightened out and I came across a box of pastel pencils that I bought years ago. When I bought them I didn’t care for them, I think because I hadn’t worked on my drawing skills as much as I should have. So I put them away and forgot all about them.

When I saw them today I just picked up the nearest sketch pad that was laying around and just started drawing. Thirty minutes later this is what I had. I think it came out really nice. Those pastel pencils are now in a new, wooden box and sitting right on my desk, ready for action at a moment’s notice. Maybe I’ll start a regular feature showing my practice sketches, kind of like my hero, Nancy Van Blaricom. She does her Sketchbook Friday posts, which I read every time she sends it.

One other thing about this drawing: Again, this was drawn without any still life setup. No apple, no photo, no nothing in front of me. I’ve drawn enough apples that I know what they look like. The trick will be to draw another one tomorrow, but make it look completely different than this one. Drawing things from your mind is fine, as long as you don’t draw the same thing over and over and over.

Pastel pencil on Canson sketch paper.


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