Day 22 of 30 in 30 Challenge – Pair of Peaches

Well, I tried to get this one done and into the challenge, but Leslie appears to have ended the last day on the last day. Usually she gives an extra 24 hours to get artwork in, but not this time. Oh well. I tried to get all 30 done, but it wasn’t to happen this time around. Work was just taking way too much of my time and when I got finished with it, I didn’t have the energy or motivation to pick up a brush and do anything with it.

That being said, I intend to finish the other six paintings and get them posted here. I do see a great increase in painting skills when I paint every day, or at least 4-5 days a week. I want to get them posted and also listed for sale. You can click on the Gallery above and it will take you to my page with the artworks that are available.

I love this one. I may have rushed it a little trying to beat the deadline, but I think it came out very nicely. Again, I can see a marked improvement in my painting skills with acrylic paints. I use to be discouraged because my paintings came out looking a bit amateurish and looking like cartoons. But, I’ve made some adjustments in the way I paint them and it has made all the difference.

6×6″ acrylic on gessobord. 

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