Sketchbook Follies 08

Here is the final assignment from the sketch class I took at There were three images assigned in the class, but as with all the assignments, there was the admonition to seek out more subjects to draw besides those provided with the lesson. So the first three images are from the lesson and the fourth image is from outside the lesson. 

This is a sketch of Michelangelo’s Sketch of a Youth.  I think it came out pretty good.

The we ventured away from the masters for a quick trip to the florists and did this sketch of a rosebud. Looks good.

Then we worked from some material from THE Master, Leonardo.  This was a piece of a sketch he did that included two men and this one is entitled Study of Old Man’s Face in Profile. Another fine effort if I do say so myself.

And this sketch from outside the lesson plan was based on Leonardo’s Drawing of the Head of a Young Woman.

This was a great class and I look forward to the next one that I take.  I believe I’ll be doing a figure drawing class next.

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