What? Another apple? With a twist …

Yes, this is another apple painting, but this one comes with a twist. If you look to the bottom of this post you will see a link to a video of yours truly painting the painting. “Painting the painting.” I wonder if that’s proper English? Anyway, I am playing around with the idea of doing some videos of the smaller paintings I’ve done and this is the first one. On the gigantic ACEO scale. 

I need to do a little research and maybe pick up a small video camera.  I shot this video with my smartphone, but there doesn’t appear to be any way to turn off the auto-focus, so the focus keeps jumping around.  I’ll pull out my old Logitech webcam and see if that does any better.  If not, then Ebay, here I come.  

2.5×3.5″ oil on stretched canvas.


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One Response to What? Another apple? With a twist …

  1. mary maxam says:

    Way to go with the apple painting and video! I love painting apples and this one turned out very well! this inspires me to try a video, I keep putting it off. congrats!


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