Day 5 – 30 in 30 Challenge – Tangerines on Black Granite

Here is one of life’s great lessons. Never listen to anyone that tells you that you can’t do something. Even if they are supposed to be an expert at what they are talking about. These tangerines are a great example.

My sweetie and I were in the market for a dwarf tangerine tree to go with our dwarf lemon tree we already had in the back yard. Now, living in Las Vegas, where temps can hit 117+ in the summer time, you might think that citrus just won’t work here. But, our lemon tree was doing pretty good, so I wanted a tangerine tree.

Enter the expert. We went to one of the home centers near our home, a national chain that shall remain nameless and we found just what we were looking for. A dwarf tangerine tree. However, the guy working the department swore up and down that we were never going to be happy with it because it would never survive here. We decided not to listen and bought the tree and took it home.

That first year we got exactly two tangerines out of it. Not what one would call a success, but you have to remember, it was its first year and it had to survive the shock of transplanting first, before it could start producing. The second year was only marginally better with five tangerines. We saw a lot of blossoms that year, but most of them dropped. I’m guessing that the tree was still putting most of its effort into rooting and wasn’t interested in producing fruit just yet.

That brings us to this year. Again we saw a lot of blossoms, but this year most of them stayed and were pollinated and began growing fruit. This small tree, only about three feet high is producing about three dozen tangerines this year, which are now ripe to the point of eating and I’m getting two to three a day to enjoy. My sweetie doesn’t really care for them because she says they are sour. I can’t seem to get her to understand, they are supposed to be sour. Tangerines are not sweet.

I’m wondering if the tangerine tree was shamed into producing this year by the lemon tree that is right next to it. The lemon tree is about a foot taller, but it has around 50 to 60 lemons on it, weighing it down. We need to figure out what to do with the lemons so they don’t go to waste.

Today’s painting is of two of the tangerines, ripe and fresh cut from the tree. I have another painting I’m working on that has a couple of tangerines and a couple of lemons. I hope it comes out as nice as this one has.

5×7″ oil on gessobord. 

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