I’m in!

I remember attending a Leslie and Dreama workshop back in September of 2012 and during introductions some of us told of the exhibitions we had been in. Well, at that point I hadn’t really been in any exhibitions. I did tell of submitting work to the Celebrating Life! exhibition here in Las Vegas twice and each time had been relegated to the Salon des Refuse’. So, I said at that time that my goal was to keep submitting each year until they saw my genius and juried me into the main exhibit.

Well … that happened today. I got the call this afternoon that my painting would be in the main gallery in the ballroom. Whether it wins a prize or sells is immaterial. It got in the show. I keep telling my sweetie that sooner or later my genius would be recognized. She just kind of looks at me like, “yeah, uh huh. Right.” She just does not recognize genius when she sees it.

Oh and I was kind of tickled that one of the ladies taking the artwork in yesterday looked at my name on the form and asked, “didn’t you submit the painting of the boat last year?” Why, yes I did. The tide must be turning if she remembered that painting and it was hanging in the Salon.

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1 Response to I’m in!

  1. Milagros says:

    I would like to rectify your wrong notion that I don't recognize your talent.Didn't I tell p you that I wanted that peaches painting in the dining area?And if I wanted some paintings in the house ,they must be good.I am always proud of your art.Hope you will be recognized in this competition.


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