So, I went out to do some plein air painting …

Kitchen Painting – Apple 002
©2014 Dave Casey
6×6″ – oil on gessobord – $40
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I firmly believe that each time out plein air painting will be a learning experience and today was no exception.  The first thing I figured out is that, as a beginner to this outdoor painting thing, it is probably not wise to try to paint the entire mountain range.  It would make a whole lot more sense to focus on one tree or a pile of rocks or any other smaller, less complicated subject.  I tried to paint the mountain, when I could have focused on the fence post and clump of grasses right in front of me.  Okay, lesson learned.

The second thing I learned this morning, probably the most important thing, is that plein air painting season in and around Las Vegas is over.  It gets way too hot, way too fast.  And I don’t mean just for my personal comfort.  I paint in oils and the paints just wouldn’t work the way I wanted them to this morning.  They were slipping and sliding all over the canvas and just generally misbehaving.  Okay, second lesson learned.

My next plein air painting adventure will take place sometime in September.  Towards the end of September.  The date may start with October.  When the temps get out of the triple digits.

And no, you can’t see the “masterpiece” I created this morning.  It was wiped before I even packed up my stuff and headed home.

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