It’s always fun …

BAGA Square Foot Show

… to see your art hanging in a show. You work long and hard to get the pieces finished, packed up and sent off and you hope they arrive safely. Then you get to see photographic evidence, or in this case video, of the hanging and it makes your chest puff up just a little. You start to think, “I have arrived.” Life is good. Now the world will start to see your genius.

Then, you tear your eyes away from the images of your works and start to notice the works of others hanging in the show. “Oooo that one looks rea … oh wow, look at that one … oh this one is beauti … now there is the best in show.” Then you start to wonder why you even submitted when your works looks like so much dross amongst the masterpieces hanging around it. Then you vow to work harder on the next pieces.

Ahhh, the life of the artist.

You click here to see a video of the BAGA Square Foot show hanging in Bismark, ND right now. 

Yellow Headed Blackbird hanging in BAGA Square Foot Show

Days of Wine and Grapes ver. 2.0 hanging in BAGA Square Foot Show

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