140901 – Day 01a – 30 in 30 Challenge – Charcoal on newsprint – Dave Casey – TheDailyPainter

©2014 Dave Casey
approx. 8×14″ – charcoal on newsprint

Well, it’s that time of year again. Leslie Saeta is torturing us again with her 30 in 30 challenge. It’s amazing she has gotten over 800 artists from around the world to submit to her devious plan, that of getting us off our collective behinds and get busy at the easels for 30 days straight. Why would we all allow ourselves to be treated in such a way? I don’t know, but we all did it willingly. I guess this is a perfect example of why some artists are known as “tortured souls.”

Leslie has asked us to come up with a theme to encase our works and I’ve heard some really good ones and some that leaned more towards “why did I sign up for this mayhem?” I chose as my theme something that I need to work on very badly. That of drawing landscapes. But, not your ordinary landscapes. There will be no trees, or bushes, or birds, or cute little cows. Nope. My favorite landscape is that of the female figure. And my figure drawing skills are a bit atrocious and need some work.

So, for the next thirty days, well 29 now, I’ll be doing one long pose drawing in hopes that by the end of September I will see some improvement in my drawing skills. I usually start off my drawing sessions with a couple Croquis Cafe videos to get warmed up and then, I take a deep breath and let the charcoal fly. Let’s see where this little challenge takes me.


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