140916 – Tea Rose 001a 5×7 oil on linen panel – Dave Casey – TheDailyPainter

140916 - Tea Rose 001a 5x7 oil on linen panel - Dave Casey - TheDailyPainter.jpg
Tea Rose 001
©2014 Dave Casey
5×7″ – oil on linen panel

I call this Tea Rose. If you’re not familiar with roses then let me tell you. There is a classification of roses called Hybrid Tea Roses. Their original parents, tea roses, are said to have the smell of tea.

From wikipedia — The favourite rose for much of the history of modern roses, hybrid teas were initially created by hybridising Hybrid Perpetuals with Tea roses in the late 19th century. ‘La France’, created in 1867, is universally acknowledged as the first indication of a new class of roses. Hybrid teas exhibit traits midway between both parents: hardier than the teas but less hardy than the hybrid perpetuals, and more ever-blooming than the hybrid perpetuals but less so than the teas.

All I know is that Honey Bunny and I love our tea roses. They put on quite a show in the spring. If you saw our backyard in April you would swear a paint factory blew up in there. 

Honey Bunny getting ready to whip garden into shape.

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