140930 – Day 30b – 30 in 30 Challenge – Graphite on toned paper – Dave Casey – TheDailyPainter

140930 - Day 30b - 30 in 30 Challenge - Graphite on toned paper -  Dave Casey - TheDailyPainter.jpg
©2014 Dave Casey
12×9″ – Graphite on toned paper

Well, here we are at the end of another one of Leslie’s Torture Fests and I think I achieved a good portion of my goal from the start. I started this challenge with the thought that I would devote the month to working on something that I sorely needed improvement in, and that was figure drawing.

Now obviously one month isn’t enough time to become a master draftsman, but I did see some marked improvement in my work. I saw that my sight drawing has become better, as long as I pay attention to landmarks and proportions. That is easier said than done. I still have problems with getting carried away with the actual drawing of the model and sometimes find that I haven’t been paying as close attention as I should have. When that happens I find that the drawing has gone off the tracks and there is no hope of saving it. The only thing to do at that point is to ditch the attempt and start anew.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I have found a new life drawing group here in Vegas that I intend to attend regularly and work on my live drawing skills. I think I need about another month or two of practice before I decide to translate these drawing skills into a painting on canvas. We’ll see how that goes.

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