141105 – Tulips 01a 12×9 oil on linen panel Dave Casey – The Daily Painter

141105 - Dreama - Tulips 01a 12x9 oil on linen panel Dave Casey The Daily Painter.jpg
Color and Tulips 001
©2014 Dave Casey
12×9″ – Oil on linen panel

So, Honey Bunny and I went for a little trip to SoCal this last week and just got back a couple of days ago. I haven’t had the energy to pick up a brush yet, but that day is coming. Tomorrow. Why no energy? Because the reason for the trip was for me to attend a Dreama Tolle Perry workshop. Yeah, I know. You’re all jealous now.

Anyway, she was a slave driver. In a good way. The nicest slave driver you’ll ever meet. She had us painting for three days, turning into the master artists we have all become. The painting above is from the first day. Not great, but not bad either. I missed the placement of the flowers on the canvas and put the whole center of attention too high on the canvas. I’m thinking I’m going to paint this one again and watch that placement a little closer. 

Me and the nicest slave driver ever.

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