Onion 002

150521 - Onion 002b 5x7 oil on wood panel - Dave Casey - TheDailyPainterOnion 002
©2015 Dave Casey
6×6″ – oil on wood panel
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Today is “reworking” day.  I am taking a couple of paintings that I’ve done in the past year of so and reworking them a little.  These are paintings that I thought were pretty good, but as time went on, I could see things wrong with them.  On this particular one, I submitted it to another artist for a critique session and the things he said about it were spot on.  The kinds of things that are staring you right in the face, but you can’t see them because this is your baby.  But, as one writing coach said in a book on screenwriting, “you have to kill your darlings.”  You have to be willing to take a knife to the parts that you like best and cut them out.  In so doing, you almost always make the work better.  That is the case here.  I like this edited painting so much more than the original.

150521 - Onion 002c 5x7 oil on wood panel - Dave Casey - TheDailyPainter


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One Response to Onion 002

  1. Me says:

    Great warmth and depth!👏👏🔺


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