Grisaille 001 – Day 1 – Lemon and Bottle

150530 - Grisaille 001a 6x6 oil on canvas panel - Dave Casey - TheDailyPainterGrisaille 001 – Day 1 – Lemon and Bottle
©2015 Dave Casey
6×6″ – oil on canvas panel
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As I alluded to a few days ago, I started a continuing education class at the university entitled Painting Like the Old Masters.  It is a class dealing with the techniques of the Renaissance period with a touch of Baroque thrown in.  The technique that the course is centered around is grisaille.  Grisaille is French for gray I guess.  We do an underpainting in black and white, or gray and then do a lot of translucent layers of paint over that to bring the colors out.

So far I’m having a great time, but I’m not quite ready to post the work I’m doing in class.  Not just yet.  So here is a quick study that I did this evening, of a lemon and bottle.  This is the dead layer and as soon as it’s dry I’ll be ready to start the layering of colors.

I did tone the canvas with burnt sienna to start, so there is a bit of warmth showing through this initial layer.


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