Kitchen Painting – Tangerine 011

151211 - Kitchen Painting - Tangerine 002b 6x6 oil on wood panel - Dave Casey - TheDailyPainter

Kitchen Painting – Tangerine 011
©2015 Dave Casey
6×6″ – oil on wood panel
Daily Paintworks Gallery for Available Artwork

So  there I was.  Walking through the garden this afternoon, picking a couple of grape tomatoes to munch on and my attention turned to the dwarf tangerine tree.  It is loaded with orange goodness as bright and beautiful as a late afternoon sunset.  I knew exactly what I had to paint today.

And the tangerine tree isn’t the only thing putting on a show right now.  The dwarf lemon tree is loaded to the point of straining the branches and some of our rose bushes are putting out a few blooms.  The Double Delight rose tree has some blooms on it as big as a ripe cantaloupe.  The Perfume Tiger put out a flush of blooms last week, but they never last too long.  And lastly, the Golden Glow has a few saucer-sized flowers about eight feet off the ground.  I get a good look at those from my second-story studio window.

All in all, Hunny Bunny did a good job on the garden this year, though I think the mice and some consarned rabbit decimated our strawberry harvest and the tomatoes just didn’t produce this year the way we thought they would.  There’s always next year.

151211 - Kitchen Painting - Tangerine 002c 6x6 oil on wood panel - Dave Casey - TheDailyPainter

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