Day 10 in the 30-in-30 Challenge

30-in-30 Day 10b

Another progress shot today.   I think I’m probably within a half hour or so of finishing this portion of the painting.  Then the final bit I intend to paint will take two to three hours and it should be finished.

Today I worked on the fabric, but the shadow it casts on the figure is giving me fits.  I need to let this whole thing dry so I can go back and finish that shadow.  I also lightened up the background.  It used to be pitch black, but then I realized that wouldn’t work with the final piece of the painting, so I lightened it up.

It should be dry by Tuesday or Wednesday and then I’ll get started on the home stretch.  I just hope when I’m finished I can get a picture without all the glare sparkles.

This is Day 10 in the 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge.  This is an oil painting on a 12×16″ canvas panel.


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