Bowl of Cherries 001

160209 - Bowl of Cherries 001a 5x7 oil on linen panelBowl of Cherries 001
©2016 Dave Casey
5×7″ – oil on linen panel
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There is nothing quite like a long-lasting flu to knock you right out of a 30-in-30 challenge.  And I was off to a pretty good start, too.  For over a week I didn’t even want to eat and it took me another four or five days to start getting my appetite back.  I lost over eleven pounds in about a week and I wouldn’t suggest that method of weight loss for anyone.

Today was the first time I’ve felt like picking up a brush and just wanted to get something on canvas, whether it came out good or not.  I think this is a decent effort for less than two hours worth of work.  I’m going to get something to eat and then think about doing another piece.  Or work on one of my larger paintings that have been waiting for my return.

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