I’m back

the daily painter nose and mouth drawingSketch of nose and mouth
©2016 Dave Casey
5×5″ – pencil on paper
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I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I have been working on my short stories that are now up on Amazon. You can find the links to them in the right hand column. I’ve been setting a schedule of getting a new story out every six weeks or so and the next one is due for August 1st, so I have to set aside some time for that.

I have been doing some things art related. I designed the two covers for each of my stories and I am starting to consider what the next cover is going to look like.

I have also been painting. I have two canvases I need to get finished and ready to send to a show in North Dakota. I’ve been in this show for the past two years and this will make three. I have a real good start on those two canvases and I also have a study that is contributing to those show pieces.

The piece I am posting today is just a sketch that I did while I was watching a movie. After hearing the news about Anton Yelchin being killed I wanted to watch him in one of my favorite movies of his, Odd Thomas. One of the things I’m trying to do is when I put a movie into my computer to watch it, I like to only use about two-thirds of the screen for the movie and put up some photo in the other space to just sit and sketch. The piece above is my Odd Thomas effort. RIP Anton.

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1 Response to I’m back

  1. Welcome back and thanks for posting again! Good luck with your paintings for the show!


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