Sunset Flock study

160627-flock-of-birds-study-01b-8x10-oil-on-linen-panel-dave-casey-thedailypainter.jpgSunset Flock of Birds study
©2016 Dave Casey
8×10″ – oil on linen panel
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I have been working off and on painting a piece that is going into the annual Square Foot show in Bismarck, ND. The specs for the show are paintings done on 12×12″ canvases that the show organizers supply to each artist that enters.

This year I’ve decided to do something a little different. I’ve taken the two canvases and attached them to each other with a backing board and I painted a larger picture (12×24″). The painting is painted in such a way that it can be sold as two separate pieces or both pieces can be sold together and hung that way. The buyer could even place them in a 12×24″ frame to display them together.

Anyway, you don’t get to see that piece today. I know, I’m such a meanie. Honey Bunny would agree with you. Today I am posting the study that I did to prepare for the larger piece. Though the proportions aren’t the same, it gave me an idea as to what I was wanting accomplish.

Look for the show piece tomorrow.

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