30-in-30 Paintings – Day 04


Bargue Drawing – 01/02/17
©2017 Dave Casey
9×12″ –  pencil on paper
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I went back to the Bargue style to work on some ideas. After tomorrow’s post (another figure), I will stick with the Bargue plates for a week or two. I have a bunch of them lined up for this challenge to work on my drawing skills.  This is day four of the 30-in-30 challenge.

I’ve been asked, “What is Bargue?” It’s not a what, it’s a who. Charles Bargue lived in the 1800’s and he devised a lesson plan to learn drawing skills and these lessons are still in use today in ateliers (snooty French word for ‘art school’) all around the world. He took his plates (lithographs) from master copies of drawings of classic Greek and Roman statues and put them together in a drawing course, that was to lead a student from copying master drawings to drawing from plaster cast models and then finally, to working with live models.

Some students will spend 30-40 hours working from a single Bargue plate. It wasn’t until the student showed a complete mastery of the drawing medium that they would be allowed to move on to the plaster casts and then live models. A student could conceivably spend a year or more just on the first phase, but most would get through it in a few months.

As you may have guessed, I am not spending nearly that much time with each of my drawings. The drawing above took me about two hours, though I have had some Bargue drawings stretch to four hours on me. It’s all in how complicated the subject is. Today’s drawing was one of the more simple pieces I’ve seen from the course.

Anyway, after I post tomorrow’s figure study, get ready for Bargue, after Bargue, after Bargue.


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