30-in-30 Paintings – Day 30

day-30bFigure Drawing – 01/31/17
©2017 Dave Casey
11×14″ –  pencil on Bristol vellum
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This is day thirty of the 30-in-30 challenge. So ends another twice-yearly month-ling challenge from Leslie. When I started the month I had two goals. To actually do thirty drawings during the month. This is the first time I’ve done her challenge that I actually did accomplish this, though I am pushing it with being one day late. But hey, it’s still January so I feel good about this.

And the second goal was to work on my drawing skills. Using the grid method and using the Bargue plates allowed me to get proportions right and turn out some drawings that are actually pleasing to my eyes. Again, mission accomplished.

The drawing above is based on a drawing by Anton Raphael Mengs. He was a German artist that lived in the mid-1700’s, with this drawing being done in 1778, one year before his death. One little tidbit of history for you ladies, Mengs was a good friend of Casanova. I’m not sure if he was quite the equal of his Lothario friend, but he did have twenty kids, so I guess there’s that.

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