New art installation

When I set out to clean up the studio and make a few changes in arrangements, I found that I now had room to put in an art installation. So, without further ado, my latest creation.

I call it Time Measured.

This is a commentary on how our lives are measured and how finite that measurement is. It is an existential look at questioning our place in the cosmos and how puny we are compared to the vastness of it all. When looking at it, you should feel a sense of awe, but also a bit of depression when you consider how little your own sense of self-worth matters in the grand scheme of things.

Offered at $1.78 million and I will fly anywhere in the US to hang it personally. I’ll even include a nifty plaque (index card complete with thumbtack) with explanation and my signature. If you don’t need my hanging services, I will arrange shipping in a very sturdy, completely safe Priority Mail box.

Should a bidding war erupt over this, soon to be, classic work of art, obviously it will go to the highest bidder. Initial bid will be $1.62 million. But, I may be convinced to offer numbered editions to this installation. Obviously, any editions will be changed slightly to keep from devaluing this priceless original work of art. There is even a thought to offering numbered prints of this wonderful piece of art.

This installation would look fantastic next to my other installations, Pile of Dirty Sneakers, Load of Unwashed Laundry and the ever popular, Sink of Dirty Dishes. I would include Rotten Banana on a Window Sill, but Honey Bunny threw it out by mistake. She has no culture whatsoever.

So, it is now time to unveil this beautiful work of art.

Any inquiries from the Museum of Modern Art (New York or Los Angeles) will be answered promptly as long as my asking price is met.

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