Bargue Drawing practice – 02/05/16

170205-bargue-9aBargue Drawing – 02/05/17
©2017 Dave Casey
10×5″ –  pencil on paper
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Well, I’ve been away from the drawing tools for a couple of days since the end of the 30-in-30 painting challenge. I’ve been getting back to work on my novel, trying that ready to send to my editor by the end of March. If all goes well there, it will hit the stores by early to mid-summer.

But, I can’t stay away from the drawing practice or I would give back all the gains I made during the month of January. So it will be a delicate balance between getting my writing done and also working on my art. But, that’s the great thing about being retired. I have plenty of time to do both. Now I  just have to find the time for my other passion, birding. Oh, so many things to do, so little time to get them done.

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