30-in-30 Paintings – Day 17

Day 17 - Lemon 02a

Lemon 02 – 02/17/18
©2018 Dave Casey
6×6″ –  Oil on wood panel
Check DPW Gallery for Available Artwork & Auctions

Decided to take a break from writing today. writing yesterday’s battle scene was exhausting. And it isn’t even finished. Battles tend to drag on when you introduce fire-breathing dragons to the mix.

Anyway, another lemon today. This one done without any kind of reference. No still life, no photo. Just from memory. I like it.

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1 Response to 30-in-30 Paintings – Day 17

  1. Eric Wayne says:

    At very first impression I thought it was an egg yolk, and I exclaimed, “Where’s the white”. Ah, yes, yes, it’s a lemon. My eyes are playing tricks on me.


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