180812 – Still life

180812 - Still life 01b

Still Life – 08/12/18
©2018 Dave Casey
3×2″ –  Oil on canvas
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I’ve been working so hard on my novels lately that my painting time has gone by the wayside. I still try to do some drawing, but painting is something I don’t do nearly as much as I would like. So, today I was looking for something in the studio and came across some of my ACEO canvas panels and decided to do a quick painting. For those not up on the current art lingo, ACEO stands for Art Cards Originals and Editions. Do not ask me why it’s not ACOE. I don’t have a clue. Maybe I should just call them by their other name with is ATC or Artist Trading Cards, so called because they are the same size at baseball trading cards.

Anyway, this is something I worked up just to get my brushes back in my hands. I have a 36×36″ canvas sitting on my easel behind me, just begging me to do something with it. I’ll get to it.


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