About The Daily Painter

ebayprofile01I am a retired real estate agent in the city of Las Vegas.  I only tell you Las Vegas now, because I hope to put this city in my rear view mirror in the very near future.  I am seriously looking at someplace back east, in the Tennessee or Kentucky or South Carolina area.  May even think of eastern Oklahoma (where my parents live) or Arkansas.

First of all, I need to confess that I don’t paint every single day, but I do try.  However, the reason that you don’t see a “Daily Painting” here is because I’ve decided to not post a painting unless I am quite proud of it.  I’ve posted way too many paintings that were a little less than wonderful in my eyes.  I’ve even started going back through some of the older posts and deleting those that don’t measure up.  As my skills increase so will the frequency of posting new paintings.

Another reason you may not see a “daily” painting from me is because I’ve started branching out, painting bigger paintings that take more than one day to finish.  I’ve posted “process” pictures in the past, but I don’t do that as much as I probably should.

Art has become an important part of my life. There is something almost spiritual about picking up a brush or pencil and creating something beautiful on canvas or paper, that didn’t exist there before. Watching a white canvas transform into a wonderful still life or a calming seascape is a joy I haven’t found anywhere else. The great outdoors is full of atmosphere and recreating that in the painting is what I strive to do.

I discovered the world of oil paints and through the eyes of Bob Ross, I’ve started seeing the world with the eyes of an artist. Trees aren’t just green anymore. Mountains in the distance are not the same color as mountains that are closer. A cloudy day will never look like the one you saw yesterday.

I have gone on to study with many world-class artists and find that this is something that I will be doing until I am old and gray. Wait, I’m old and gray right now. But I am still studying.

2 Responses to About The Daily Painter

  1. Sarb Mahli says:

    Hello.. I live in Kamloops BC, Canada. I’ve had a painting of a mountain landscape and went searching for the artist ‘Cole’. I then found you.

    Did you ever find any information on him/her

    Sarb Mahli


  2. Gail Goodenow says:

    I also have a painting by Cole. My painting is a signature style. Are you familiar with him signing his Cole without the Thomas? Perhaps I could email you a picture of the signature for your comments?


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