Mystery painting by COLE?

Sometimes I feel like pulling my hair out and today would be a good example. I was browsing through my favorite thrift store (Goodwill – Las Vegas), looking for small treasures for still life paintings and some used frames that would have some good life left in them. And I ran across this … 

I loved it as soon as I saw it and had to have it.  Where does the hair pulling part come in?  It comes from wondering who painted it.  It is signed “COLE” in the bottom right of the painting.  That’s all.  Nothing on the back.  Nothing on the edges of the canvas.  Nothing.

 So, you would think in this day and time that finding out about this artist with Google would work.  Not a chance.  Do you know how many artists there are with the name Cole on the internet?  Could it be a Thomas Cole?  That would be nice, but no, this isn’t the way he signed his paintings. 

I searched through about one hundred different artist websites and pages looking for this Cole and didn’t find anything that would say I had found my artist.

So, I have a really nice landscape painting by Cole.  That’s all I know.  If you happen to know any more than this I would love to hear from you. 

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75 Responses to Mystery painting by COLE?

  1. Shad .S says:

    Shad S. I just purchased one today December 19th 2020 really nice trees big mountain in the back with a moonlit sky and a nice creek with lots of moss very beautiful painting!!
    $5 Goodwill San Antonio Texas. Name search also led me here.. I can tell its vintage. Well iam going to buy a nice frame for it.


    • Sara S. says:

      I received a painting from my grandmother. Winter scene with cottage by a river or creek with mountains and trees. Same signature! Located in NE Texas. I’d love to know more as well!


  2. Lyn says:

    I bought a painting signed Cole two days ago at Goodwill. I paid 10 dollars for it. It’s framed already. I love it. I can’t find anything about it either.


  3. Daniel Rohde says:

    I have a painting with the same signature, I had the same problem as you. Couldn’t connect the painting with a specific person. If you would like to have a look at the painting you can email me at
    It is a landscape painting as well, with a mountain backdrop…
    Perhaps we could work out a deal. Two of a kind.


  4. Wendy Dobbin says:

    I am in the same boat!!!


  5. Doug Berryhill says:

    Mountain scenery by Cole.
    Beautiful painting, would love to know more about him.


  6. Wendy G March says:

    Any new data? I have one also with a tiny rural mill and water wheel..nice vintage frame. Richmond VA


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