Marine study 07

It’s been a little while since my last painting.  Work has had me so jammed up I couldn’t find the time or the energy to pick up a brush.  I finally just went onto the website and put in a couple of days of off-time.  I work from home and on the internet, so I can do that.  It get’s a little tiring working six or seven days a week without a break.

Anyway, I found a nice reference photo of a rowboat sitting peacefully in the water and decided I just had to paint it.  I changed the color of the boat, but the rest is pretty much what you see in the photo.  This took just about an hour to complete.  I seem to be getting a little faster and more comfortable with the palette knives.

I hope you like it.  

8×8 inch palette knife painting in oil on Centurion linen panel.

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